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Soil Sampling

Soils may be obtained as discrete samples of individual horizons (e.g., every 2-feet, 5-feet, etc.) or as a continuous core from which lithologic information and discrete sample intervals for analysis may be obtained. Sampling can even be conducted at great depths below the water table using the Dual Tube sampling system. ESN employs several methods for the collection of soil samples:

Soils may be sampled in split spoon or core tube samplers using plastic, brass, or stainless steel sleeves in 0.5" to 1.5" diameters up to 5 feet in length. Soil samples obtained in sleeves are sealed with plastic caps, or in sampling jars, and then labeled. Sampling jars are EPA approved with Teflon lined caps. These soil samples may be sealed for transport to offsite or onsite labs for analysis. ESN provides for chain of custody documentation for all samples, plus storage in coolers and trip blanks for all samples sent offsite for analysis.

ESN keeps on all probes sufficient drive pipe to reach at least 100 feet below surface, plus all necessary tools to obtain the specified soil samples. With notice, the rigs can be stocked with more rods for sampling at greater depths.

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