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Screen Point Groundwater Sampler

Screen Point Ground Water Sampler ImageFor collecting water samples at "discrete" intervals, the Screen Point Groundwater Sampler is the tool ESN recommends. The tool is similar to the familiar "Hydropunch" used on auger rigs. An expendable point is driven to depth and the sampler is pulled back to expose a stainless steel screen. This allows the water to flow into the probe rod, which can then be recovered with a peristaltic pump, via tubing and an inertia pump, or by a mini-bailer.

Similar in design to this sampler is the Screen Point 15 Groundwater Sampler. It functions like the original screen point sampler, but has several other advantages:

  1. The outer diameter of the tool is larger and holds a longer, wire wrapped screen, allowing a larger sampling interval,
  2. The inside diameter is large enough to allow a 3/8" sampling tube to be inserted all the way into the screen assembly, rather than sampling from above the screen,
  3. The tools has less parts for easier and faster decontamination,
  4. A pop out plug allows hole grouting after sampling.

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