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Contaminant Trapping and Removal Systems

Numerous methods are used for contaminant removal and trapping. ESN installs, following our client’s designs, several such methods, among them:

Sometimes, combinations of these are used either in different sequences or in different portions of the plume. Each is applied based on the information developed above and following the decision and designs of ESN clients.

Vapor Extraction Systems

Small-scale vapor extraction systems are installed using ESN's Direct Push systems. Depending on depth and lithology, systems up to 2" in diameter may be installed. The design and operation of the systems remains with ESN's clients. Along with the extraction systems, ESN has designed, installed, and operated vapor monitoring systems, some of which have been continuous (see above description).

Air Sparge Systems

As with vapor extraction systems, smaller scale Air Sparge units can be installed. While many commercially available devices can be installed, in addition, ESN has installed a wide variety of less expensive tools, most based on slotted PVC pipe, in sizes ranging from 0.5" to 1.25" in diameter.

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