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Monitoring Implants

Monitoring Implant ImagePermanent Monitoring Implants have been used for applications including monitoring Vapor Extraction Systems, Sparging Systems, landfill gases, natural gas seeps, bio-remediation sites and USTs. They have also been used for injecting gases or air into the soil. They can be nested at several levels in one hole.

One inch diameter anchor points are driven to depth using a Direct Push type probe rig. Either 1/4" or 3/8" polyethylene or Teflon® tubing, screened at the bottom is installed through the probe rod. Stainless steel mesh screens or screened PVC materials can also be used. The rod is withdrawn from the hole and the implant is completed with a 10-20 mesh silica sand and hydrated granular bentonite. Single level installation can be completed with a simple PVC casing or a slip cap cover. The final finish can also include flush mounted or stand-up riser type permanent monitoring well cover.

The figure illustrates two examples: One with a 21" (or longer) screen (left illustration) and the other with slotted 3/8" polyethylene or Teflon® tubing.

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