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Limited access rig with tractor, used to collect environmental samples and geotechnical dataESN owns and operates a limited access rig, a AMS PowerProbe 9600-P mounted on a Kubota B2410 tractor. This sampling system significantly improves the collection of environmental samples for the most severe of terrain conditions or for indoors with very low overhead or space available. The LAR can reach depths to 30 feet (and more), and can sample soil, groundwater and soil gas. The LAR can also implant soil gas monitor points as well as inexpensive miniature piezometers (mini-wells).

Advantages of our AMS PowerProbe 9600-P and Kubota B2410 tractor:

Tractor mounted limited access rigTRACTOR MOUNTED

Perfect for:


Freestanding limited access rigPerfect for:


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Off Tractor:

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