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Extended Time Monitoring

Under RBCA guidelines, extended monitoring of vapors and groundwater often substitutes for remediation or is used in the period leading up to the implementation of remediation alternatives. In some cases, this process can last for some years. Ideally, monitoring systems are installed as part of site characterization, where they can be implemented less expensively than on a separate mobilization. In any event, the following are proven and inexpensive extended monitoring systems that have usability for several years.

Vapor Monitoring Implants

Vapor implants allow monitoring of vapor plumes and the changes in groundwater plumes over time. The implants accurately define the vertical and horizontal distribution of vapors, identifying varying sources, whether in soil, groundwater or as a dense vapor from surface sources. Vapor implants can be installed either singly in a hole at a specified depth, or nested at up to 5-6 discrete depths, sealed from each other. The implants are connected to the surface for sampling. The implants are steel, aluminum, or plastic, and are equipped with inert tubing for sampling. Implants may be installed as deep as 80 feet.

Groundwater Wells

Small-bore monitoring wells (up to 2") are significantly less expensive than traditional 4"+; wells, saving installation time and money, and are constructed with NO IDW. Monitoring of groundwater can be accomplished using a variety of permanent and temporary small bore well systems, as deep as 100 feet. PVC or steel screen and riser or Pre-Packed Screens can be installed to great depths and be set up with filter packs, bentonite seals, and bentonite-grout construction. They can be finished with riser or flush mount completions. Peristaltic pumps or bailers (including dedicated SS bailers manufactured by ESN) are used for sampling. Under some circumstances, bladder pumps can be installed, as needed.

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