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Active Sampling

Active Sampling is usually conducted with one or more of ESN's proprietary sampling systems, which have been evaluated by many State and Federal agencies and found to be the optimum method of active sampling. This method has been endorsed by a variety of agencies including: the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, AFCEE, the Department of Energy, and virtually all State Environmental Agencies.

There are two ways available to advance the probe into the desired sampling position; a manual method and a hydraulic method. The manual method incorporates a hand-held rotohammer or slide-hammer, which pushes the probe up to 5 feet below the surface. The hydraulic method uses the Direct Push Probe, with which ESN can drive vapor sampling points as deep as 100 feet to obtain soil vapor for analysis. Vapor Samples may be obtained from several horizons in the same hole.

The probe tips are equipped with a dual threaded fitting. First, a threaded post-run fitting attached to an internal, inert tubing is run down the center of the probe and screwed into position using an O-ring to seal the probe tip to the sampling tube. Then the probe is unscrewed or retracted slightly to allow gas to enter the sampling tube. To confirm soil gas recovery, a qualitative surrogate is applied downhole.

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